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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Logan Jenkins -- Memorable jabs, uppercuts, wild swings

Great article that sums up the local races... Duke and Packard... thick as thieves...

"Requiem for a Nitwit: Randall Harold Cunningham's dive to the canvas shocked fans of the sweet-and-sour science. Two days after Copley News Service reporter Marcus Stern's scoop hit the porch, I started a column with a two-word prediction: 'Duke's done.' A lucky punch line.
Self-Inflicted Cuts: Former Rep. Ron Packard of Carlsbad sprang to the defense of his old House colleague, saying of Cunningham's house deal with a defense contractor, "I don't know of any person or public official who hasn't probably done something that would raise eyebrows." . . . North County Supervisor Bill Horn, God's gift to ringside wise guys, presented a diamond-encrusted quote – "We're not Franciscans" – while arguing for a controversial raise for well-fed supervisors. Bada bling! . . . Former Councilman Ralph Inzunza scolded an attorney for Fairbanks Ranch Country Club, which had enjoyed a sweetheart deal from the city while maintaining an illegal all-male lounge: "You should not be representing these kinds of clients who are out there doing the wrong thing. It's shameful and embarrassing." (Convicted of corruption, Inzunza is appealing a prison term. His brother Nick, mayor of National City, has richly embroidered the working definition of "slumlord.")

But I especially like this outlook...

Million-Dollar Baby: This remake stars Francine Busby, the distaff Dem who's eyeing a once-in-a-lifetime title shot that could turn into a national bellwether contest in the 50th Congressional District, a traditional Republican stronghold. Suddenly the Buzz-by of the minority party in Washington, D.C., Busby has a chance at knocking out a gang of Republican congressional contenders who might, as a whole, remind voters of the Dirty Duke, a figure so detestable pro wrestling wouldn't even let him into the ring.

However, if Busby's arm is raised – in April, if she wins 50 percent, or in a June runoff against the top GOP finisher – she'll have to turn right around and defend her title in the November general election. Up to three bouts in seven months! Where's Clint Eastwood?"


This special election speeds up the plans doesn't it? We'll see if Francine Busby's campaign can turn it up and out.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Logan Jenkins -- Gift list for truly deserving news makers

Happy Holidays!

If you are looking for gifts to give... here are some ideas for our locals from the UT.

"RANDALL HAROLD CUNNINGHAM: A toy Rolls-Royce (up to $50) and a Jane Fonda video ($7.95). The Rolls to remind the congressman of flusher times and the workout tape to keep Duke in fighting trim as the Navy hero serves a prison term for taking bribes and, in the view of many, betraying his country during wartime.

FRANCINE BUSBY: Nothing ($O). Duke already gave this lone Democratic congressional candidate from Cardiff everything she could ever want in her stocking."

Personally, I would take the 50 bucks for Duke's Rolls-Royce and hand it over to Francine Busby's campaign. Just my two cents!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Suburban Guerrilla » A Finger In Every Pie : Brent Wilkes

Go for a bit of a trip on this one... Follow the links... starting with Susie...

This Brent Wilkes character sure does get his fingers in a lot of pies.

At Schwarzenegger’s behest, Brent Wilkes, founder of the government contractor ADCS Inc., resigned Nov. 29 from the Del Mar Fair Board and from another panel that oversees the leasing of state land for racetracks, said Margita Thompson, the governor’s press secretary. ...more

We'd like to believe the connections between Tom DeLay and Randy Cunningham are modest. BUT, when Cunningham also knows Brent Wilkes, who also donates $70,000 to Schwarzenegger's Campaign to Reform/Deform California. We find that things run deeper.

From the American Prospect...by Laura Rozen
According to the Center for Responsive Politics, an organization that tracks political donations, Combs himself has, like Wilkes, given a sizeable amount of money over the years to politicians. (In 2004, he gave more than $12,000 to Cunningham, Representative Duncan Hunter, George W. Bush, ADCS's PAC, and the PAC of Representative John Doolittle, of the House Appropriations committee. A San Diego Reader article from 2000 estimates that Combs had given $25,000 to various politicians by the year 2000.)

What does it all mean? This investigation sheds light on another of the rabbit holes through which Wilkes may have improperly received US government contracts. Yet the issue also speaks to the layers of companies and multiple channels by which Wilkes penetrated deep into the secret contracting world of the US government –- and the many avenues by which he did so -– not only through the help of Cunningham. Yet questions remain: what is the status of the four individuals described as co-conspirators in the Cunningham indictment? Are any of them cooperating with the investigation? Is Wilkes cooperating? (In an interview a couple of weeks ago, his lawyer Michael Lipman wouldn't comment on whether Wilkes was cooperating or not.) If so, to whom else might Wilkes lead investigators? Many signs indicate that Cunningham may not be the big fish in this case at all.

I felt sick to my stomache to hear about the corruption... Now, I'm just ill knowing how deep it runs and how far we have yet to go...

USAToday explains...
Wilkes' ties to Hunter and Cunningham go beyond campaign contributions. In 2003, the businessman's foundation hosted a "Salute to Heroes" gala to give Hunter an award, just as it did for Cunningham a year earlier. The Wilkes Foundation gave $1,000 in 2003 to a charity run by two of Hunter's staffers, records show.

Wilkes also provided a jet that Cunningham and other Republicans used for more than a dozen flights to campaign fundraising events since 2001, records show.

Providing flights gives donors a chance for hours of one-on-one contact with the lawmaker they want to influence, said Keith Ashdown of the watchdog group Taxpayers for Common Sense.

"Most other lobbyists would give up their second lung to get that kind of access," Ashdown said. "It's not always illegal, but it's definitely a strategy of influence that's unparalleled."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Busby likely to win CA-50

I don't know how I missed this...

Democrats (and Republicans) say seat can be won

On Friday, DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said that Busby's race is considered among the top tier of winnable races by national Democratic party officials. Committee officials recently sent e-mails to the committee's national network of campaign contributors asking for campaign donations to support Busby's candidacy.

Burton said he strongly believes that Busby can win the 50th district race."I think the (Republican) political scandals have fundamentally altered the political environment in San Diego County and conditions are about as good as they can get," he said.

Republican political consultant Orr said that the special election format stands to benefit Busby more than other candidates."You have one solid Democrat in the race who would garner all the liberal votes, whereas the Republican vote is split," he said. "Because their votes are split ---- and with a low turnout ---- Busby could ... win the special election." Orr said that if he were working for the national arm of the Democratic party, "I would be telling my best (talent), 'Get your bags packed and let's go to California ---- we are going to steal a congressional seat.' "

There you have it. Democratic Leaders and Republican consultants agree... Busby can win.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

DirecTV to Pay for Do-Not-Call Violations - Hooray for the Justice Department!!!

This is just a good story to link to show how the Federal government is working for us working people...

DirecTV Inc. will pay $5.35 million to settle charges that its telemarketers called households listed on the national do-not-call registry to pitch satellite TV programming, Federal Trade Commission officials said Tuesday.

The proposed settlement, if approved by a federal judge in Los Angeles, would be the FTC's largest civil penalty in a consumer protection case.


Right on!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bill Morrow: No guest worker programs, no hike in wages..

It appears that Bill Morrow doesn't want to solve the problem. It appears that he just wants to create them. In this article entitled "Local farmers fret over rising cost of wages" from the NCTimes - it seems Bill Morrow doesn't want to do anything.

A growing labor shortage in California's agricultural industry has local farmers bracing for a tough ---- and expensive ---- winter harvest, farm industry officials and local growers said Wednesday. Several factors are fueling the problem, they said, including: increased border enforcement that is reducing the number of illegal immigrants entering the county; growing competition from other industries, such as construction and hospitality; and the lack of a guest-worker program to allow undocumented immigrants to work legally.

What is he willing to do?

Reached by phone Wednesday, Vartan Djihanian, district director for state Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Oceanside, said that Morrow does not support the idea of a guest-worker program until all existing immigration laws are enforced.

What?! No guest worker program and farmers should not pay higher wages. What does that fix... Morrow's contention has been that immigration policy is broken. What is he willing to fix?! The guest worker programs are monitored to curb illegal immigration and the hunt for jobs and it contracts cheap labor from Mexico. What is Morrow in favor of "fixing"?

I'm starting to get the feeling he is trying to "fix" his campaign, rather than the border.

The border is policed. You must stop businesses from hiring illegal immigrants and use guest-worker programs to stem the flow of illegal immigrants. But, we must understand that there are legal migrant workers from South America and their rights should be respected as well as our own.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Over here... no more Hollywood opposition...yet.

Over at Calatics, Brian has found that Rob Riener isn't going to run...

Now we are waiting for Warren "Bulworth" Beatty to run... or not.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cunningham: Who is Brent Wilkes??

Wow, This guy gets around...

"Poway military contractor Brent Wilkes – whom Justice Department officials identify as the co-conspirator – has long been
active in local political circles, serving as the San Diego County finance co-chairman of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign and the state finance co-chairman for President Bush.

I'm sure this guy has no idea who Tom DeLay is.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who is NOT running for the 50th...

Here are a few articles discussing Mark Wylands, choice to drop out of the 50th and head for the old seat that Bill Morrow is vacating.

@ Captiol Weekly
Assemblyman Mark Wyland announced Tuesday he will run for the Senate seat currently held by Bill Morrow, foregoing a chance to run against Morrow for Congress. Morrow is one of four Republican candidates running in the seat being vacated by Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

@ Captiol Weekly again...
On the Democratic side, Cardiff school board member Francine Busby appears to be unquestioned front-runner. She's locked up a host of high-profile endorsements, including state treasurer Phil Angelides and insurance commissioner John Garamendi. Busby's communications director, Brennan Bilberry, said she had raised $248,000 so far.

Last week, Assemblyman Mark Wyland, R-Del Mar, said that he would not be running for Cunningham's seat, and was focusing instead on Morrow's state Senate seat. This touched off a scramble in several coming legislative races.

@ NCTimes
State Assemblyman Mark Wyland will probably announce Monday whether he will run for the 50th Congressional District seat or opt for a bid for the state Senate seat held by Oceanside Republican Bill Morrow, a Wyland adviser said Tuesday.

Wyland, R-Escondido, has been considering a run for the U.S. House of Representatives seat being given up by Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Escondido.

The 50th Congressional District runs along the coast from Carlsbad to Clairemont Mesa. It stretches east to Escondido, and south to Rancho Penasquitos and Mira Mesa.

@ The Union Tribune
It's a free country, of course, and Wyland, who had floated his name as a congressional candidate, is welcome to the stress-free road of least resistance. And the state Senate isn't exactly chopped liver, even if conservative Republican legislators are treated as if they have BO in Sacramento.
And we will notice that Howard Kaloogian of astro-turf fame, is now the "favorite" running for the 50th.


Please note that this article comes from Human Events online. Its a right-wing rag that Ann Coulter is a "Legal Affairs Correspondent". I'm sure that carries weight because she is most likely getting the web-zine for conservatives sued on a semi-regular basis.


Monday, December 05, 2005

Cunningham: How deep is deep???

From the UT:

"Between the year 2000 and June of 2005 in our district, you conspired to accept bribes in exchange for performance of official duties. Did you do that?" Judge Burns asked Cunningham.

"Yes, your honor," Cunningham replied.

"Did you take both cash payments and payments in kind?"

"Yes, your honor," the congressman said.

"Did you follow up by trying to influence the Defense Department?"

"Yes, your honor."

He admitted it. Most of the radio jockeys ( who are deeply conservative ) appear to be giving him a pass and asking everyone to lighten up. People like Mark Larson, Roger Hedgecock, Rick Roberts... etc. They are claiming (in unison...hmmm odd.) that he had confessed so we should let him be. Excuse me? This is a guy that took 4 million dollars in bribes, in the forms of boats, rugs, jewlery, cars, and homes. The conservative shows on 600, 640 and 760 keep commenting on how he "only" stole 4 million, but they admit that he should be punished. They keep forgetting -He also gave away government money to corrupt corporations - 400 million dollars in defense dollars that should have been supporting our troops. 400 dollars that could have been going to legitimate companies that would have helped America in its time of need. Wealthy rackateers took the money of the people, your money, my money, and were seeking to profit at our expense.

U.S. Attorney Carol Lam, whose office is prosecuting the case, said in a news conference that the facts Cunningham admitted in his plea agreement show "this was a crime of unprecedented magnitude and extraordinary audacity."
Lam said the bribes from defense contractors totalled $2.4 million and included:

  • Buying the Del Mar-area home at an inflated price;

  • Paying for the capital gains tax on that sale;

  • Buying and maintaining the yacht in Washington D.C. on which Cunningham lived;

  • Paying for a graduation party for Cunningham's daughter

  • Buying a Rolls Royce, antique furniture and jewelry, and picking up travel and hotel expenses for Cunningham and his wife;

  • Making a $500,000 mortgage payoff for the house in Rancho Santa Fe.

"It is abundantly clear that Mr. Cunningham let greed take priority over his duty to serve the best interests of his constituents and his country," Lam said.


Under the agreement, MZM became an exclusive contractor for the Defense Information Systems Agency, enabling the agency to order services from MZM. Its five-year contract with the Department of Defense was structured as an open-ended blanket-purchase agreement, with a $250 million spending limit.

Since 2002, MZM received $163 million in federal contracts, primarily for Pentagon programs. Much of MZM's services under the agreement involved classified work on intelligence programs for the U.S. Army.

Wade, the founder of MZM, resigned as president in late June.

In a move officials said was unrelated to the Cunningham flap, the government announced in late June it no longer would allow federal agencies to buy from MZM under the sole contractor program.