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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shining light on the "Day of Truth"

It seems that Rick Reiss who writes for The Californian, may have reported the story - but left out a few facts when editorializing.

Interesting facts.

In Poway Unified, a student is a part of a law suit
to create a precedence of embedding personal religious belief into the public school system. He is representing the boy and his family as they sue the school. Proactive enough?

Just an innocent student voicing his opinion?

Oh wait...
He was part of a group that promotes intolerance based on personal religious beliefs. The group, Alliance Defense Fund, is dedicated to condemning "detrimental personal and social behavior". They have purposefully aligned their "Day of Truth" to follow the "Day of Silence".

You will note one of his
lawyers is the same person that is working to keep the Cross on Mt. Soledad.

As well as keeping "under God" in the pledge of alliegence... via The Catholic League.

...for the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights et al. by Edward L. White III and Charles S. LiMandri...

Also, keeping the
cross on the Los Angeles County seal...

I'm starting to think California's debt may be attributed to all these court cases.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Student Bill of Rights aka Doctrine of Intolerance

Apparently, Bill Morrow, (CA Senate, R-38) has decided that students don't need to listen to their teachers. It's official! We knew it may have been happening already, we just needed a law to cinch that one up.

The "Student Bill of Right" - Or as I like to call it, "Doctrine of Intolerance" attempts to...
...keep students from being muzzled or punished with low grades for taking positions in class that challenge the ideology of professors.
This is a wide and sweeping argument. Discussion and debate are a natural part of the classroom, but is much too broard? Saluting the flag? saying, "Under God"? Prayer in class?
I noticed this nice part that talks about "anti-religious" doctrine. The plot thickens.

...The measure had called for reading lists to reflect "diverse viewpoints"; for faculty not to use classrooms as venues for political, ideological, religious or "anti-religious" doctrine; and for campus speakers to be chosen to promote the "principles of academic freedom and ... intellectual pluralism."Morrow, who debated the measure in a public forum on the San Marcos campus in March, told a crowd of about 300, "If you are harassed and harangued, you can't learn."

It is starting to sound like a thinly-veiled attempt to require public schools and colleges to promote religious doctrine. This openly violates the separation of church and state. There is a similar bill being worked on in Florida (thanks demcco!). The Republican party is targeting public education and attempting to require religion to be part of the curriculum.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Dick Murphy - Resigns

So.. After all that fan fare and time in court, he wants to be released of it all.

Amid the pension probe and scandal.

Notice he isn't mentioning since the probe, the city isn't allowed to issue bonds. This prevents any projects from going forward. The city of San Diego can't get anymore money from bonds to continue or start projects that are needed by the citizens.

This is how badly it is screwed up down there.

Does this signal a trend in California? I mean, Gray Davis was kicked out - but Dick Murphy just gave up.

Davis was replaced by Schwarzenegger - Now Murphy to be replaced by Donna Frye?

Oh yeah... She's running for office too!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Schwarzenegger "CLOSE THE BORDERS"

How many toes does Governor Schwarzenegger have to step on!? First, he attacks hard working Americans by opting to reduce their lunch breaks, privatize their pensions, and hurting their children's education.

Now he's attacking the permanent resident status - migrant worker population...

Close the borders...

I hear he has retracted/re-coded his statement to "secure the border"... and faulted his poor handle on the english language.

"Close the border" versus "I'll be back". Hmmm. I think the second sentance is more difficult. It has a possesive noun!!

Although he has not specified what we should be securing the border from; drugs, fruit, or terrorists, it seems to be he is finding a way to "secure" his lexicon.

Follow the cardinal rules of speaking:

  1. Think
  2. Evaluate
  3. Speak
Sometimes we forget step two... All these steps are equally important.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Howdy everyone!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Delaying the Inevitable

Doesn't stuff like this make you sick?

Democrats are labeled the "culture of death" by people like Tom Delay. Yet, he purports to be among the "culture of life".

Tom DeLay:
...Is for the war in Iraq.
...Is for the death penality.
...and for unfettered access to assault weapons.

CULTURE OF LIFE? I didn't think so...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Schwarzenegger gives way...

Well it happened! Governor Schwarzenegger is backing off...

After reading the following reports in action... It seems that the Governor doesn't have the testicular fortitude to take on teachers, fire-fighters, police, public employees, nurses, and unions.

I'm just noting that he hasn't exactly proposed that we all "work together", when it comes to his actions. He seems big on talk about change, but it seems he's working to change the other team, rather than change the system he claims is broken.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Drudge dumps on Kerry...

This is how the media fails us - Thumbs up for Media Matters.

In an effort to make himself look MORE biased, Matt Drudge links a incorrect Associated Press news story. The AP news story as been corrected and lightly implcated that Senator Kerry had potentially divulged the name of a CIA operative in a hearing for Bolton's Confirmation.

Kerry did not release the name of a CIA operative and the AP made a mistake. The mistake is that CIA and various other government organizations have mentioned the operative's name several times. Fulton Armstrong, CIA Operative. (Black helicopters are on the way...)

The story was highlighted by Matt Drudge, right-wing golden boy of the Internet. Not to mentioned picked up by Los Angeles Times, Newsday, and The Washington Post.

What does this give us? A large misunderstanding and scandal that doesn't exsist.


Doesn't this sound familiar?!

Oh yeah! Robert(Bob) Novak and Valerie Plame!!! I remember now.

Yet, not much has happened to good old Bob Novak - Nor has it gotten the coverage it deserved.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Risk Mangement - Bush Style...

We should always look to the future... in that when we make mistakes, hopefully they will not be repeated. Take this for example:

Quoting President Bush from CNN regarding Teri Schiavo:

"This is a complex case with serious issues," Bush said. "But in extraordinary circumstances like this, it is wise to always err on the side of life."

Here is a list of U.S. Military deaths since the begining of the war...

1,574 deaths of U.S. Military People.

I'm not sure what makes the War in Iraq so UN-extraordinary.